Adobe Edge Preview 1 Is Released!

Preview 1 of Adobe Edge is now available for download at Adobe Labs.  Edge – it’s actual name, not a code-name – is a new Motion and Interaction tool that I’m working on at Adobe that targets HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Edge is being released as a preview which means that it’s not feature complete.  It’s a very early release.  The goal of doing this is to allow you in the community to try it out and let us know what you think, so that you can play an active role in its development.

To get you started, I recorded a video that goes over how to draw and animate in Edge.  Check it out on Adobe TV.

Finally, we’ve posted some resources that you can find here, including sample files.  This page also includes a few of the things created by members of our Customer Advisory Board, which is a group that got very early access to Edge builds, gave us feedback and used the product to create some cool stuff. Here is a list of the first 4 examples we posted.

The first one was done by Dave Nibley at Rain and when he showed it to us and told us that it was his first animation with Edge, we were blown away! Check it out here.  I love the use of shadows.  Be sure to check it out on your iPhone. It looks great!

Dave did a second one that we all liked even better that reminds me of Pixar.  Check it out here.  At the HTML5 Camp that we did in San Francisco last Friday, Dave was there and came up during my Edge session to show some of the techniques he used to build it.

Here’s a fun one by Sarah Hunt.  Sarah has done lots of great stuff with Edge and has given us lots of very valuable feedback.

One of the questions that CAB members had was can you do things like loop or otherwise access the JavaScript API of our animation framework.  The answer is yes, though we have not yet documented it.  This will happen in future previews. However, we did give them a few sample calls and Sara did another one that uses the JavaScript API to loop.

Check out Sarah’s roller coaster here.  One of the things that is interesting that you should check out when you load this file in Edge is how Sarah made the roller coaster cars look like they were going around the turns.  Very clever and it looks great!

You can download these and other project files in source form from the Adobe Edge resource page on Labs.

So please, download Edge and the sample, check out the getting started videos and have fun.  If do something cool, let me know!  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what you create with Edge!

4 thoughts on “Adobe Edge Preview 1 Is Released!

  1. I’ve been following the progress of Edge and I’m excited that it’s getting close. I’m a big fan of SVG so I’m glad it can be used in Edge. I downloaded the Preview. It booted, but I got error messages when I tried to start a new project or open the sample projects. I tried to sign up to get into the forum to ask for help, but the Jive Software sign-up and login didn’t work.

    • Hi Mark, I’m sorry that you’re having issues. The forum is the right way to deal with these issues, but I’m not personally handling these things. I’ve sent email to people to figure out how we can get you signed up.

      Thanks, and I contact you at your email address when I hear back.


    • Hi Mark, I sent you an email, but wanted to reply – you need to log in to the Forum using your Adobe ID. You should already have one since you need it to download the software. I tried to see if there was an issue with your account – well not me but the people who handle those things – but it’s not linked to the email address you provided.

      Hope you’re able to get on to the Forums, and thanks again for trying Edge.


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